Friday, 8 December 2017

A Little December Update.

First of all, I can't believe it's the 8th of December...and I have nearly completed my Christmas shopping.   This has to be some kind of record for me because usually I am still getting my last bits on Christmas eve.   It's the 8th of December and I have about three or four left to get.   This time last year I had about three or four presents bought, with about fifteen left to buy...and no idea where I was going to get them from.   This year I am proud to say I have been a lot more organized.

Today, I bought another Christmas present for someone, literally five minutes ago, another one off the list.   It was my day off today so I had made myself a list of things that I wanted to do, along with a few little household jobs....vacuuming etc  But also today, I have helped my dad set up a blog, which went really well, dad will be turning into a blogger soon enough I reckon!!! I have also done some of my Vogue collages too, which I have really enjoyed doing over the last couple of months.

I am still very much enjoying doing these too.  It's really therapeutic even cutting them out.  I am trying to draw fashion inspiration from them too.   Where this picture is concerned however.... I want the Monet bag!   I reckon it was a couple of grand to buy.   I don't have a couple of grand to spend on Monet bag last time I checked!

I thought the books looked really cool.   And the covers don't give anything away about what is written about the designers which makes them really intriguing and mysterious.   They genuinely make me want to read them, which is probably the idea.

I absolutely love the blouse, modelled by the actress Claire Foy from Netflix, The Crown, which I have not seen, but it does sound really good.   Former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith is in that too I believe.  Claire Foy does look really pretty in this picture too.  There is something about the sunglasses worn by the model fourth in line on the top of the collage.  Those sunglasses look really cool.

Just on the work front, I did an order in store whilst at work the other day, for House Of Fraser, and the order was for a rather nice looking gentleman, who spent over £1000 with me.   Which is rather a lot!   I am just hoping that at least 'some' of the items he ordered were ok for him, hopefully all of them.   I was with him for about an hour and a half I reckon.   Very nice guy, I thought.    That was a  really good day in work!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas Is Coming!

This week has been a ridiculously busy week in work for me, so I am now really pleased for a weekend off.   I remember having a rather relaxing day on Sunday at the start of this week, it was really lovely, caught up with some TV programmes, X Factor, Hollyoaks that sort of thing, did a bit of colouring, it was really nice.   I thought it was going to be a bit quieter this week, for some silly reason, but it really wasn't.   Basically, the entirety of my shift at work on Monday was spent it on the Buy and Collect department, from the moment we opened at 9am, till I finished at 1.45pm.   It was crazy.   Customer after customer collecting their orders, every one of them wanting open them up and check them, and not everyone usually does that.   They did that day, which is good of course because they know what they have paid for is what they wanted, which is fine.   It is very time-consuming though.  

So that was the same for Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday as well this week.   I felt as though I was bouncing off the walls on more than one occasion.

Welcome to December in retail...Woohoo!!!...

Which leads on to yesterday which was really weird, because it was dead in store.   We obviously had customers in, but compared to the rest of the week it was just a bit more...steady, I guess.   It was so quiet in fact, and this might sound a bit 'sad' to some of you, but I got my duster out and started dusting my glass department with precision, because I love a sparkly glass, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.   I filled it up as well.   So with genuine honesty here, I found it very therapeutic.

Really, the last two weeks have been a bit crazy for me, in work mostly, but also, I did have a little incident on Tuesday when I got home.... my tooth split!   I hate dentists, I really do.   Though to be fair my dentist (Oasis) were really good because as soon as it happened I got straight on the phone and got an emergency appointment for the following day before I started work.   They fitted a temporary one for me so I wouldn't lose it.   Then they proceeded to inform me that I will need root canal treatment.   Great, just what I have always wanted.   Might be leaving that till after Christmas.

The one thing I have really pleased about is my Christmas shopping seems to be coming along rather nicely.   This is mostly thanks to Amazon and their 'daily deals' as well as their Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals.   I think really, the main chunk of my Christmas shopping has been done now, there's only a few people left to buy for, whereas this time last year I was a bit behind.   So it seems to be going well at the moment.

As you have probably noticed, with work and one thing and another, my blog has got a little bit neglected.   I am still considering whether to come up with a schedule of some description and fit it in with what hours I am doing at work.   Might be something to look into.   Will I stick with a schedule that is the question!  I might give it a go and see how I get on.   I have also started to come up with different ways I can maybe progress with my blog too.   I haven't got very many ideas yet, but it is early days.  I do still like the way it looks so that's ok, that can stay as it is.   It's more content based really.   I will have to see what I can come up with.

Watch this space!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


Sunday, 19 November 2017

Getting Into The Christmas Shopping Mood.

This week has been an especially busy one for me as we had started our Black Friday deals in work.   I am obviously aware that Black Friday is officially this Friday coming....but at House Of Fraser we start our deals a week early.

It's not been a bad week really.  It started off quite quiet and then gradually got busier, which is good.  Still finding that, the same as last year, a lot of customers are buying online, rather than buying in store.  But that is with a mixture of things and now purely just based on the department I work on.   I had an early finish on Tuesday and Wednesday, where I finished work at 1.45pm on both days, so that was really nice.   It meant I could do a bit of Christmas shopping, which I did on the Tuesday.   So far this year I have been doing my Christmas shopping in little bits so not spending too much time going round the whole of town, or sitting on the internet at home for four hours scouring Amazon.   I have kind of just been picking the places where I want to go, get what I need...providing I find it, and then come home again.  I'm finding it's working quite well for me so far.   I always find 'little and often' is good.  Can't be doing with rushing about at the last minute.

Having had a busy week at work preparing Black Friday, I was a bit wrecked yesterday (Saturday) so I will admit I didn't really do much at all, apart from a bit of colouring and watching a bit of TV.  I actually watched Strictly Come Dancing last night, which I don't normally watch, and it was actually very good.  I do like Alexandra Burke, I thought she did particularly well.  I loved the 'movie dance' she did, that was awesome.  Classic movie style!  I did end up going to bed last night a bit later than I planned, but sometimes after you have had a busy week it can be hard to wind down, despite being off all day.

Today was a really nice day to round the weekend off because we went to Springfields in Spalding, and even though part of me first thing this morning was considering whether to go or not, I'm pleased I did because it was a lovely day, and also quite importantly, I managed to get a couple more Christmas presents whilst I was there too.   Then I came home and slept for an hour.  Not even joking.   Here are a couple of pictures from Springfields...

I really love this Christmas tree because it has roses on it and I love roses... and  I love purple and silver too.  I think it's stunning!

I did enjoy the little shopping trip today, it's a nice way to end a busy week with a bit of retail therapy.   I even treated myself to some books which were 3 for £5 from The Works.   Bargain.  Need to see how I get on with reading those, seeing as I haven't been reading much in the last...year.    Looking forward to starting them anyway.    Definitely put myself into the Christmas shopping mood today anyway!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


Sunday, 12 November 2017

A Productive Weekend.

Evening all.

We have now started our late night shopping at work....and you can tell because it has been a week again since I have written a post.   Mind you, a lot of bloggers whom I have read, do just one post a week, depending on their circumstances I guess.  I think I would really love to be able to write two a week, being honest, but that is still a work in progress.

So what has gone on this week for me..... well, I have been working all week, apart from...yesterday and today. I know I have had an entire weekend off and I am only now just writing a post at five minutes to 10pm on a Sunday evening.  That's just the way I roll sometimes.   Work has been busy, mainly on our 'Buy and Collect department, as people are already starting to by their Xmas gifts.   I bought a couple of gifts this week too.   I got mine from The Range.  

I hadn't been in a while, so decided to go for a look round yesterday with my mum, and came out with twenty quid's worth of stuff.  It's brilliant in there.  They have loads and loads of gift ideas, and their prices are not 'through the roof'.   I'm going back next week because I saw loads more that I could get, I wrote a list of ideas of course whilst I was there.  It was a good day yesterday.

I also raided H&M and New Look this week because I wanted some new tops for work so I got a few.   I bought a new CD from Amazon, which was only £5, I was really pleased with that because it is a 3 disc CD.  What was interesting was I saw a similar CD in Tescos for three times the price.  I don't think so.  That is what I love about the internet.

Been listening to this on and off over the weekend.  It's really good.  If you love dance classics I would definitely recommend it.   It's really brilliant.  Not bad for a fiver anyway.

I have also been reading my Vogue magazine, and doing my collages too, which I have really enjoyed doing.   I even find cutting out the images quite therapeutic too.  That might sound a bit strange, but it is true.  I find it quite relaxing.   I really do like Vogue magazine and it has started giving me some ideas recently, although to be honest, most of those ideas are actually handbags I have seen.   I don't know what it is about them but I really love the small rectangular, box style bags you can get.  Well, I actually mean medium sized.  I do have plenty of small bags.

I did buy something else for myself last week.   I purchased this print from one of my favourite bloggers Jemma at
Do check out Jemma's blog if you get a chance sometime, if you haven't already, and check out her Etsy link too because she has some stunning art pieces on there that she has done, and they are perfect for a gift or for yourself.

The only other thing I did this weekend is go out for dinner at Beefeaters, and I really enjoyed that.  They are really good in there, and it is nice to go out for dinner as a treat.  So all in all, a pretty good weekend.  I am so pleased with what I managed to buy whilst I was out at The Range too.  I don't know about anyone else?  But I really do hate rushing at Christmas time!!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Saturday 4th November.

This has been an interesting week for me because right at the start, I discovered that my manager, Jackie, was leaving, to go to a different store because she had got a promotion.  So all week I have been thinking about writing a blog post to try and put into words how things are after finding this out, and as the week has gone on, it's got better and acceptance is finally looming around me.

I am really happy for her.  It's what she wants, and she has worked so hard for it and I am so proud of her for getting it.  On the flipside, I am slightly sad for me too because, Jackie has been such a great manager, firm, fair... a bit crazy, in a good way, and I will miss her.  But I am also so pleased for her that she got this job,it is what she wanted, and she is really happy, and that is what is most important.

The week has seemed to just disappear. I have said this a few times before, but it did just start and  end.  It's the middle part of it that seems a bit hazy.  However part of that was because I spent the majority of my day off on Tuesday sleeping, because I had caught a cold from someone from work.  That's where Tuesday went.  I didn't do anything on Tuesday apart from watch an episode of Stranger Things.  That was really good.  I am really getting into that at the moment.  The characters and the story so far have been really cool.

Yesterday was a nice day for me because I met up with my good friend Misha whom I haven't seen for about six months.  We used to work together and then Misha left, earlier this year and you know what it can be like, time flies and before you know it, it's nearly Bonfire Night!   Anyhoo, we went for dinner, and then for coffee and just talked for ages about how things were for both of us.  It was a really nice evening.  We were really close when we worked together.   We said we definitely wouldn't leave it too long next time!

Now I do feel like I am ready for my day off tomorrow.  Watched X Factor...from last week tonight.  Not seen tonight's episode yet.  I am quite bad this year at keeping up with it.  I have enjoyed it though and I like the new 'layout' of the show, and there are some really great singers in it this year too.  I love Grace, she is really good, in fact there are quite a few people I like in the show this year.  The Cutkelvins are good, I like Rak-Su and Lloyd Macey, and Kevin Davy White, he has a lovely voice too.  All the singers are good this year, which is quite unusual for X Factor.  I feel like they have stepped it up a gear!  But they needed to really because Strictly Come Dancing has taken over the last few years.   Though to be fair that's rather good too.

I did also start my Christmas shopping this week which I'm pleased about.  Just a few little things I have found on Amazon, which is good because they were really good prices.  I usually leave it till December and rush about for four weeks.  Not this year!   Don't do rushing about anymore.  Too old for that, haha.  I do need to do a proper list really, so might do that tomorrow.  One for me as well, not that I have thought of anything for myself yet.  I am sure I will eventually.   Better not leave it too long though.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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